I write about the people, companies and technologies that make up the digital economy. Most of my time is now in Silicon Valley, but I get out. Here are a few general lenses for stories I cover at Quartz:
startup culture
Silicon Valley technologies changing how we work and interact with the world
venture capital(ists)

SV/DC intersection of  politics, policy and tech

income inequality/labor markets
ag/env tech
personalized medicine, nootropics and enhancement

Tesla and Elon Musk
renewable energy
compelling, off-beat stories about the Valley


I generally don’t cover:

sharing economy
video games
enterprise (unless it intersects with beat above)

I’ve started a software company, sailed to Tahiti, bought a boat, surfed and returned yet again to journalism. I have not learned to whistle, but I’m still trying. I studied economics and environmental science at Yale.

My reporting days started in college at the Vero Beach Press Journal, Palm Beach Post and the San Jose Mercury News before heading to Cambodia as a reporter (and then the managing editor) of the Phnom Penh Post.  I’ve handled a lot of newsprint. I remember my first article rolling off the printing presses, a stack of newspapers dumped by a forklift at 1 AM under a buzzing orange fluorescent  lamp. It was great (the feeling, not the story).

Since then, I’ve written on science, economics, technology and the environment from Asia to San Francisco. My byline has appeared at The Christian Science Newsweek, Outside, Voice of America, The Globe and Mail, FastCompany, Foreign Policy, and The Economist (print and online). 



SufferFest 2016, Yosemite